Black Friday and Holiday Special

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Prospect is bringing an awesome package deal to the table in conjunction with NOW bindings. At our factory showroom or online, get 25% off made to order decks with purchase of a pair of NOW IPO or SELECT bindings.Thats up to $150 bucks off!

Use coupon code “PACKITUP” with a board and pair of bindings in your cart.


Snowboard Preorder Special – The Primo package!

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sidewall profile

To the shredicated riders… we have come up with a bitchin’ deal for your snowboard quiver this winter.

Since we make all our boards in house we asked ourselves, what hasn’t been and What would make the most awesome way to personalize a board?

How about offer automatic upgrades to all of our best materials on a board specially pressed for you?

We have set up a pre order program that automatically upgrades any board in our lineup to a configuration with all of our best material and shape ideas all in one. We’ve also set up easy payment arrangements that won’t stress your pocket book.  Here is the gig:

Hurry, this offer expires 11/1/14!

When you order any deck in the Prospect lineup, you automatically get at no extra cost:

  • A free upgrade to our signature, ultra tough, floro green,  Bazooka Gumwall –  urethane sidewalls
  • Free Bamboo core stringers for maximum pop.
  • Free upgrade to hemp or Carbon configuration
  • A free T-shirt on us.
  • Free shipping on us to the lower 48 states.


Just pick your board from the lineup below:

  • Upgrade our premier deck with bamboo core stringers on the Sooperpark CRC
  • Make our eco board a mountain slayer with urethane sidewalls, The Green Machine
  • Get a huge upgrade on the cheap on our park board with the easy flexing, micro camber Passage.
  • Up your all mountain freeride experience with more aggressive pop on the DTF Freeride
  • Get buttery with our reverse camber Tangent

This gets you a customized board with a combination shape, material, and artwork that isn’t available anywhere else.

  • Best of all, a simple 50% down payment is all you need to get started.
  • The remainder of the balance is due when you are ready for your board.  (We need about  4 weeks to make your board.(Right in time for the season to start.)
  • To get started just pick the model from our lineup, checkout, and apply coupon “UPGRADE” to get the 50% downpayment applied.


Prospect Open House and super Sale

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Prospect Open House Flyer

We are stoked to announce the 2nd annual Prospect Open House. Last year, moving into our new shop, we did a grand opening, fun event format. This year, we’re doing it again and we’re adding more fun to the event, and being shop local saturday on black friday weekend the Prospect Open House will have some slammin’ deals on our Gear.

The Jam packed event will have 2- 1 hour sessions. The first is a more detailed look into what goes into building a snowboard. For anyone who has ever wanted to make their own board, this is the event for you. Did we mention we have ready to press kits available?

The second event will be similar to our format last year where we press a board, live, for everyone to see. This board will be given away to one single WINNER! Not local to sign up for the give away? Thats fine just sign up for the Prospect updates in the upper right of this page.  We will also be showing edits from local shredders and we’ll have some food and drink available too.

So be sure to break up the shopping monotony and come see a fun event to get you stoked to hit the slopes.

More info and RSVP with Facebook here

Introducing the satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

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Prospect Snow and Wake brings a renewed dedication to shred with our new dedication to bring you a way to try Prospect gear. We guarantee you’ll love it.


Love your board or your money back!

I personally guarantee your ski or board is going to be the absolute best . If for any reason within your first 3 days of riding if you don’t love them, you can send them back to me and I’ll refund your total product & shipping costs, with no questions asked! If you don’t like them, send them back, we’ll ride it!



100% Independent, rider owned, rider engineered, and rider built

Sweat and Blood in the board and in the building process.  Labels: indie, underground, built by riders for riders. The labels have grown to be tired and the cliche.  The reality is that we’ve put work in, busted skis and boards, learned deep dynamics, and dedicated ourselves to making boards that live to be ridden as much as you live to ride.



Solid F*****g Product

There are 3 parts to making a solid product. Great materials, well thought out shapes, and well engineered assembly.  We use ski, snowboard, and wakeboard specialezed materials that are more durable and carry higher strength to weight characteristics to make a ski or board that lives longer and rides better. While these materials are the fundamental basis for making a product that performs, we also put in riding time to make sure the shape and camber of each of our skis and boards can produce a pro level shred. Lets not forget the craft of building our skis and boards. It takes more than passion. We’ve assembled a process that provides us with low tolerances for flaws that inhibit performance. We’ve developed our building process to rise to the call of a 100+ day rider. Our manufacturing facility also supports processes that produce less waste, uses materials that are less harmful, and reclaims materials like wood scrap for heating our building.





Reason for existence

The industry has riders stoked with lower cost product that genuinely performs much better than decades past. It is great that more riders have access to skiing and boardsports so friends and family can enjoy the experience we live for. That is great and the way it should be.  There is a problem though. Board and ski companies (specifically meaning companies, because there are companies don’t manufacture their own product) use methods of production that use low standards for health and safety of not only the people that make the product, but also in the same way use lax methods for keeping the environment we live in suitable to ride in.  These lax methods are seriously affecting the waters we surf, the land we play on, and the air we breath.  Our reason for existence is to create boards that bring fulfillment and enjoyment in life, to make our riders feel like the board they ride adds high value in their experience, and supports a healthy lifestyle inside and out.  We get it….




Support your local ski and board builder

Know what goes into building your boards and skis, know who builds them, and be assured that we’re riders first, not salesman first. You, the rider should be informed on what is awesome, why its awesome, and how it works best. “Salesman” in stores work hard to memorize marketing buzzwords with a general idea of what it does. Get it from the guys who know best, they guys that design the technology, your local ski and board factory.



WE BUILD OUR BOARDS for awesome performance, are dedicated to give the people who ride our boards a absolutely slammin’ value, and do our part to be responsible with the health and safety for everyone who shares this planet.


Take the high road. Evolve.


Wakeboards now available to order!

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Prospect is stoked to bring you our new line of wakeboards to the public. We hand craft each board from constructing the cores, processing our own artwork, and pressing our boards in house at our factory here in the USA. All of our Prospect Wakeboard use our bullet proof “Bazooka” construction that brings super durable sidewall construction adopted from our snowboard construction. This hasn’t been seen in the wakeboard industry and is a tech that we developed in house and is totally exclusive to our boards.

Available specially for our wake product Launch we are offering $50 off our new line of 2014 wakeboards and free shipping within the continental U.S.!

Use coupon code “launch” during checkout

 elip-buy-nowELIP-CHICK-BUY-NOW elip-flex-buy-now

Each of our boards come with our BAZOOKA GUM WALL technology, SINTERED UMHWPE ultra tough snowboard base, and full poplar POP CORE.

  • The Bazooka gumwall is a super tough and impact resistant rubber sidewall that is made from the same material as skate wheels. This acts as a super tough barrier to waterproof the wood core and also dampens the ride to cut through chop.
  • The Sintered UMHWPE base is the same material used on our snowboards. It slides easily over pretty much any surface you encounter in the park  and winch session.
  • The full poplar Pop Core is our secret to a board that launches with pop and cushions harsh landings with the suspension power of wood.

The E-LIP ROCKER profile is another technology that we developed in house with Purpose. Again it is exclusive to our line of boards.

  • The E-lip Rocker shape uses an elliptical shape that kicks up faster as it approaches the tip and tail. It is a fast, shallow riding mid section, a smoother rocker transition, and tips that pop up on the wake. It is the best of both continuous and staged rocker worlds.
  • The Pivot points under each foot are what give that upward pop on jumps and also create and make it easier to press on rails in the park.
  • The rocker profile is available in 3 flex options: A super easy flex to tear up the park found in the e-lip flex, the normal stiffness found in the E-lip, and an awesome all around flex made just for the ladies in the Elip Chick.

An important note, at this stage our stock is limited due to huge demand for our boards. On the upside, your board order will indeed be hand crafted and fresh pressed. We do however need a bit of time to make your board. Some resins take a week to completely cure and a fresh core takes a few days as well.  We do have stock of some boards which will be sent out right away. Boards that we need to make to order don’t cost any extra, but give us 3 weeks to deliver. We will be in contact with you after your order with additional details.



Welcome to the Team: The Nikstad 1-2 punch

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We’re stoked to bring on the Brother/Sister riding duo Erik Nikstad and Anna Nikstad.  While getting the wakeboard line up and running they helped us develop awesome tech. The relationship just clicked.  They can often be seen shredding Texas Ski Ranch and other cable parks around texas.

The Launch of Prospect Wakeboards

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Prospect is stoked to be launching our new line of wakeboards to riders looking for a fresh new alternative to the wake technologies that have been around forever.  We’ve put our minds to the grindstone to create not only a board that rides great, offers smart material and shaping enhancements to up anyones riding game from beginner to pro. Riders looking for something unique, something that 5 other buddies don’t have, something that reaches outside the box are Prospect “Prospects” (riders who look to creatively up the level of riding in with a style that is different from every other bro in the park). They guys at Prospect have come up with an awesome formula to a wakeboard that performs on wake and in the park.

Capabilities Match Needs

The evolution of wakeboarding has brought new needs in performance and durability as riders progress from strictly riding behind a boat to street style winch sessions and terrain park style riding as cable parks grow in popularity.

Different flex patterns, rocker profiles, and shaping has become a staple in upping the riding game. Making a wakeboard that jumps better, presses easier, and provides forgiving flex at the right moments is part of what we’ve developed. The simple tweaks we’ve created are key to making a wakeboard that rides great in all conditions and leaves other boards scrambling to duplicate the same feel.

The introduction of different sliding surfaces from plastic to concrete and chances of impact require a more durable construction; A construction that snowboards have strived for and developed for several years. The materials used in snowboards: the wood core, the UMHW sintered base, ultra tough resins and reinforcements (minus the edges) are what we use to make an absolutely bomber wakeboard. From our impact resistant urethane sidewalls, the sintered snowboard base, to the rubber toughened fracture resistant epoxy we use to keep it all together.

Ultra Durable construction and materials


No more explosions on unfortunate impacts or debilitating dings from dropping the board out of the boat. Who hasn’t dropped their foam core wakeboard only to see the crumbles of foam tears drop out of the corner that looks like it went into a ballistic explosion?  Our boards have bomber durability because of our 80A durometer seamless urethane rubber sidewalls, the ultra slick and waxable (for faster slicker ride) UMHW snowboard base material, and “Naturally” impact resistant wood core.  We use materials that are built to keep shape when the hard riding gets tough.

Unique riders, Unique wakeboards

Prospect wakeboards are for someone who sees that wakeboarding is a bitchin way of self expression for the modern athlete and realizes that there is more than just the staple brands in life. One thing is simple, status quo is bullshit and having the desired products from mass produced companies is somehow programmed to be cool.

Riders sporting the same gear as everyone else sets a path that will have you working up to looking like every other rider. The same gear leads to the same style, the same tricks. Where is the fun in that? Prospect says ditch that ideal and create a whole new ride that creates new outlets to create a swag riding style to outpace the standard trick library everyone else is working toward.

Easy tail presses and Pop on Jumplines

sidewall profile

Making an easy pressing wakeboard that also has good pop on jumps has been 2 distinct opposites until now. We created a rocker profile that others just haven’t thought to combine. First a pivot point directly under foot creates a fulcrum or tipping point which allows an easy weight shift on to the outside tips.  With our elip rocker we’ve also pitched up the tips for gnarlier, more aggressive presses.

What’s truly great about our E-lip rocker profile is that it creates stages from under foot to the tips that generate pop on the wake. The more aggressive pitch at the tip along with the upward rocker point under foot utilize the whole wake to generate awesome upward pop. Unlike 3 stage rocker, which crashes into the wake for upward pop, our E-lip lip rocker can utilize the entire wake starting from the base and ramps up for a smoother upward pop rather than a leg buckling slam.

The riders  journey

In the boardsports industry the same gear produces the same rider styles and tricks. The same mass produced product is a limiting factor into the imagination of what a rider can produce in these style and tricks.  To evolve wakeboarding it takes not only outside the box imagination, but outside the box gear.

Our boards (both wake and snow) are essential to athletes that want to evolve the way they ride beyond the bounds of common thoughts and evolve their style and performance into unvisited territory.

The “Nature” of Wood

Wood is rad. Its renewable, it’s strong, it keeps its flex even over a gazillion uses, and it dampens out the harshest rides. We like the way it has flex and it enhances the way the wakeboard rides behind the boat and in the park. Like lifting free weights vs. lifting on a machine, free weights are raw and provide better all around results. Wood has all around better flex characteristics and loads up for a raw feeling pop.  Wood also offers real core strength that supports the laminate (fiberglass and carbon) to produce a more durable wakeboard. With foam, the core and laminate don’t work together and if one fails, the both fail. Wood is NATURALLY better!


The bigger story

What it sums up to, we aren’t here to say one wakeboard has it right others have it wrong. There are no 100% correct or incorrect answers in world of endless options., we are here to connect athletes to new ideas and concepts that simply does not come from hugely outsourced production. With Prospect, you are getting gear that is uniquely created right from the hands and mind of people that actively ride. The ideas and craftsmanship that result enhance the riding experience and up the performance for riders at any range of ability level from beginner to pro.