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A summer of is booking up for me with tons of stuff going on. There is a buzz going on in the snow scene and riders are stoked on Prospect. None of these are as cool as my newest offering; I can now do custom snowboards, at manageable quantities, at a wholesale price to sell in your store… Yes, your custom graphics, shapes, and sizes. Below is a listing of what I’m currently offering. If you are interested in picking up any of Prospect’s products for you shop be sure email me or call.

The custom snowboards are awesome and are the ultimate way to show your shop’s individuality. With my factory in California I have a ton of options and flexibility with boards. My biggest advantage at this point is a volume buy. Basically I can pass savings on to you. I have set up a way for my Wisconsin shops to get these boards at wholesale price with a 10 board order. With this, you get a way to buy Custom snowboards with your graphic, your camber, your sizes. Your individual boards aren’t steeply discounted on the internet and you don’t have to compete with the big box prices. These boards are backed with a 2 year warranty from our factory and are top of the line performance decks. Check out our customs page and download the catalog for details:

The new Core Rider Replacement warranty program or C.R.R. gives extra coverage to riders who step it up, but find themselves with a broken board. I build Prospect boards to be durable and my customers have some deep respect for that. With team rider Matt Bradley out in Mammoth, he was instructed to litterally kill his deck. After 170 days of riding, his Passage is still alive. Back to the subject… the C.R.R. program backs up riders with breakage we can’t cover under warranty. The Core Rider Replacement program lets our customers buy no-profit decks within the warranty period if their breakage isn’t covered. This might not sound all appealing to a retailer, but I am that confident in my boards.

The new C6 reverse camber tech and Bullet Proof Sooperpark boards are the new additions to the model line this year. The C6 uses a serrated edge with 6 contact points to carve harder even with detuned edges. It has a reverse camber, super flexible profile that has the stability needed to land big kickers and the buttery feel for the rest of the park. The Sooperpark BPJ is a flat camber park deck with a super long effective edge. More pop than reverse camber, locks onto rails, and it has a super durable hemp weave built into the laminate. truly awesome.

I started an all bamboo longboard line this spring and published some artwork with a screen printing operation I built from scratch. I’m now in the process of testing carbon fiber stringers for next year’s longboard models and building a skateboard press to make longboards here in Madison. There is a possibility of doing custom longboards as well. If you haven’t seen them yet check them out:

A great idea! C.R.R Warranty

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A huge bummer, going big on a great ride day and you land heavy back seat on the big kicker or bash your board on a jib.  The board breaks, now what?  Great, $400 bucks minimum for a new deck or hit the garage sales for a black snow from the 90s…

That’s always been a bother in our minds.  When we buy a deck we want our heard earned bucks to be backed up.  Going big, taking the chance to make it or break it shouldn’t be punished.  We’ve got your back with our 2 year warranty and Core Rider Replacement.

Carbon Fiber Layup on the Rat Rod Longboard

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While we are in the process of building our new longboard press we’ve been thinking of how we can evolve the next generation of Prospect Longboards.  We noticed a lazy, no pop flex meaning a loss of power in every turn.  The wood construction works like a suspension, improving handling and a smoother ride, but it  also absorbs the energy while pumping  through turns.  The answer, our carbon fiber stringer layup.  The stringers actually are not to stiffen  the board, the flex is an important part of the longboard’s ride.  Instead the stringers provide rebound, a poppy return to the boards unflexed state.  This means the board still flexes the same amount, but you don’t loose energy in carving.  It is flex deck meets  pintail.  A  seriously rad combination.

These longboards are available by deck only, special order until the summer of 2011.

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Prospect is getting updated

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We are getting next year’s products together over the next few weeks.  You can check out updates on facebook and last year’s site is still available.

While our webslave Jose gets his Cuervo-act together you can tell us to toss you an update when the site is finished and you can bet there will be a GIVE AWAY!

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